Harness the Power of Advanced Fuzz Testing

Fuzzing is a three-decade-old technique proven to test the security, safety, and resiliency of software. However, it's remained within the world of academics and security researchers. Mayhem is making advanced fuzz testing accessible for all

The future of application security testing is here. Save time, money, and your reputation with Mayhem.

We Continuously Test, So You
Can Continuously Develop

  • Deep defect discovery
  • Zero False-Positives
  • Eliminate manual testing
  • Shift-left DAST
  • Mitigate inherited risk

Continuous Testing Uncovers Deep Defects

Mayhem's unique advantage is in its ability to acquire knowledge of is targets over time. As Mayhem's intelligence grows, it deepens its analysis and maximizes its code coverage.

Get Actionable Results with Zero False-Positives

All reported findings are confirmed defects. Mayhem guides remediation efforts with in-depth system level information, such as backtraces, memory logs, and register state, expediting issue diagnosis and fixes.

Minimize Manual Testing and Scale at Machine Speed

Mayhem utilizes target feedback to custom generate test cases on the fly -- meaning no manual test case generation required. Mayhem offers access to all of its test cases to make regression testing effortless and continuous.

Shift-Left Verification Testing in the SDL

Mayhem uncovers security defects early and often by shifting-left verification testing, allowing organizations to control remediation costs and prevent time-to-market delays.

Take Control Over Your Software Supply Chain

Mayhem requires neither source code nor changes to your build or code. Whether you rely on free open source code or third-party software, Mayhem mitigates risk inherited by today’s intricate and unchecked software supply chain.

Security Approved, Developer Loved

“Mayhem allows our engineers to easily get started with fuzz testing and find software flaws without knowing much about fuzz testing. Mayhem made it as frictionless as possible for our engineers to start finding bugs and gain more assurance in our software.”

Evan Johnson, Product Security Manager, Cloudflare

“Mayhem’s fuzzing tech is unlike any platform I’ve worked with before in the best ways possible. Through their native symbolic execution engine working in conjunction with their fuzzers we can feed native binaries that run at our edge to the platform and perform behavior analysis that is able to work at scale to search for bugs in our applications.”

David Haynes, Product Security Engineer, Cloudflare

“Integrating Mayhem into our development process was a breeze, only taking a few minutes to configure and deploy fuzzers on the platform starting from scratch. Mayhem allowed us to expand and easily automate testing of systems that would have taken significantly more effort with other solutions.”

Alessandro Ghedini, Systems Engineer, Cloudflare

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