A Versatile Solution that Integrates Security into Every Step

Software security best practices calls for numerous testing techniques – such as SAST, DAST, and SCA - throughout the SDL. However, not all of these techniques are capable of automated, continuous testing.

ForAllSecure utilizes a versatile testing technique, known as advanced fuzzing to automate various security efforts within the SDL.

ForAllSecure's Versatile Solution

Advanced Fuzzing is Proven


Bugs and vulnerabilities in Office


Bugs and vulnerabilities in Linux


Bugs and vulnerabilities in Chrome and OSS

Mayhem Delivers Value

  • Zero False-Positives
  • CI/CD Integration
  • Autonomous Defect Detection
  • Shrink Test Cycles
  • Cost and Time Efficient

Stop Letting False-Positives Slow You Down.

  • All defects uncovered by Mayhem are verified
  • With zero false-positives, developers only focus on confirmed risks

Integrate Deep Testing that Operates Quietly in the Background

  • API support allow users to extend and integrate Mayhem directly within the CI pipeline

Automate Manual Test Case Creation

  • Eliminate manual test case generation. Mayhem utilizes target feedback to custom generate test cases on-the-fly.
  • Get access to all of Mayhem’s test cases
  • Making regression testing thorough yet effortless

Maximize Coverage, While Shrinking Test Cycles.

  • Continuously uncovers new code edges to maximize coverage
  • Optimize testing in tight release schedules

Get the Market Faster and Cheaper

  • Shifts dynamic testing earlier in the SDL
  • Control remediation costs and prevent time-to-market delays, without compromising security

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