Shrinking the Infinite Space Problem

It’s impossible and impractical to test every possible misuse case an application may encounter in the wild. Eventually, you must release. Fuzzing is a proven technique for negative testing, effectively and efficiently shrinking the infinite space problem to the handful that matter most.


Mayhem Delivers Value

  • Find defects early
  • Mitigate inherited risk
  • Supercharge security teams
  • Uncover 0-days

Find Safety, Security, and Robustness Issues Early

  • Shift-left advanced fuzz testing in the SDLC
  • Find issues early, often, and cost-effectively

Take Control Over Your Software Supply Chain

  • Manage risk from complex supply chain that source code components or whole applications
  • Gain transparency into the security and robustness of OEM code
  • Make informed safety decisions

Give Security Teams a Boost with Advanced, Patented Technology

  • Free precious developer resources from manual test case generation
  • Mayhem utilizes target feedback to custom generate test cases on-the-fly
  • Get access to all of Mayhem’s test cases
  • Make regression testing effortless

Future-Proof Software by Proactively Uncovering Deep Defects

  • Utilizes unknown or uncommon attack patterns to uncover known, unknown, and zero-day vulnerabilities
  • Keep software future-proofed for as long as possible

Fuzzing is on the Rise


The need for safety and resiliency testing on the software that manage our critical infrastructure is undeniable. Standards such as ISA / IEC 62443, ISO26262, and more call for fuzzing testing to be a part of secure product development lifecycles.

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