Gamified Cybersecurity Training

Created by members of one of the world’s best hacking teams and many time DEFCON winner, ForAllSecure has rethought cybersecurity training with HackCenter.

Unlike traditional cybersecurity training that is often passive, HackCenter aims to train users the way the most elite hackers train, by leveraging computer security “Capture the Flag” (CTF) contests. CTFs offer a radically new approach to cybersecurity training and simulation by gamifying training in a way that keeps contestants engaged while imparting real skills.

With online and live in-person versions, HackCenter is designed to train people with a wide range of technical knowledge in actionable cybersecurity skills. Individuals can play alone or as part of a team in a competition, scoring points in a range of problems across the following areas:

Binary Exploitation
Reverse Engineering
Web Exploitation

Live Cybersecurity Events

Designed for academic institutions, enterprises, startups or any organizations seeking to raise cybersecurity awareness and build actionable skills.

ForAllSecure’s cybersecurity training has been used by over 20k individuals, including military personnel, security companies, and top universities including MIT and CMU.

Use of HackCenter by individuals is free, but for organizations, ForAllSecure also runs paid online training events. Contact us at to run your own competition.

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